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    I did an Apple Feedback on this.

    Mountain Lion's Preview scan is a great improvement over Lion's but ….

    Printer is OJ 8500A A910n. No product update is available. I deleted the HP download software before upgrading to 10.8. After upgrade, it did the automatic "find software" for the printer. I've tried turning off the printer and then back on but the problem persisted - seems Mountain Lion, not printer.

    Minor Bug:
    Printer has a 50 page document feeder. In Lion it had problems and required a Forced Quit after about 5 pages. It indicated Saving Image but went "not responding". Mountain Lion can get to 25 pages before it hangs. At least Preview is still responsive so you can save what it did and then Quit. Have to clear the last page from the scanner for a little extra hassle.

    Major Bug:
    Scan a document set using "Combine into single document" setting, save and Close Preview. All good so far.

    Open Preview to scan a different set. Click Scan and the bloody thing tacks the new scan onto the previous scan that was saved and Preview Closed. The scan is in an Untitled window but it has the first and second scans combined.

    Also does the same when using the System Preferences "Scan" for the printer.

    Preview shows the USB as "HP OfficeJet Pro A910" and the network connection as ""OfficeJet Pro A910". If I select the USB for the first multi page document and the network for the second, things work as expected - separate .pdf for each. Use either a second time and get the 1st scan and the 2nd scan combined.

    Can clear with a reboot but that is not too elegant ….

    Most odd.
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    This works:

    I played with my scan problem. Found it treats each scan as separate if you first deselect "Combine into a single document" and then reselect if needed. Up to ML, I just left it selected all the time.

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