ScanDoc: document reader for iOS 7

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    ScanDoc is a convenient document scanning application for iPhone, uses OCR(Optical Character Recognition) technology to instantly transfer paper documents into the digital documents in your computer.Just snap a picture of your paper documents, you will no longer have to manually type the information from your paper documents.



    #Quickly Scan Document#
    -Use your iPhone camera to scan all kinds of paper documents: newspapers, magazines, printed documents, receipts, invoices, etc.

    #Easily Search Document#
    -Find any documents within seconds. OCR for Search allows you to easily find keywords within documents.

    #Provide Online Translation#
    -Provide online translation for English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese ,Korean, etc.

    #Share Everywhere#
    -Share the recognition text via Email, SMS or social networks.

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