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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by theBB, Aug 30, 2007.

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    Jan 3, 2006
    I have a Canon 4200F scanner at home. The quality is pretty good for my purposes, but unfortunately, the drivers are Windows only. My wife's old Windows laptop is getting slower with passing months, making it a bit of a hassle to use the scanner. In the end, we decided to buy a printer/scanner combo.

    I saw Macworld has a pretty good review about Kodak 5100. The ink related costs per photo is apparently about half or even less compared to let's say, Canon. As the ink cost is usually where they get you, I was intrigued and decided to give it a try. However, the scanner part disappointed me. Clarity is not very good (with some very small green patches here and there), but even worse is the color accuracy. The blue (let's say blue jeans) come out more like a vivid cyan. The greens (trees, grass etc.) comes out florescent, not just saturation wise, but it seems there is too much red or yellow. Green issue was not that hard to fix it with "curves" of a photo editor, but I could not fix the "blue". I have used curves, hues, saturation etc, but I could not make the look right. I don't think I am very picky, but this just was not good enough.

    Here is my question: Is this kind of color issue common with these combo scanners with CIS optical devices (compared to CCD scanners like my Canon 4200F?) Or Kodak just could not manage to design a good one? Is there anybody who used an HP C5180 or LIDE 25/50/75 to scan photos? Would they be better? I am trying to see whether I should stick with CCD scanners.


    PS: In case, anybody is interested in its printer capabilities: The photo quality is not that bad. It loses some shadow detail and it is a bit under saturated, but still I'd say fairly good. I also noticed a slight green hue in one picture that does not exist on screen (taken at night with flash), but you'd have to pay attention to notice.
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    I have yet to see a review of the EasyShare 5100 but the 5300 is getting decent reviews. The August 2007 What Digital Camera gave it an 89 % rating and noted "Good print/scan colours" but they've said that it has 6 inks in 2 packages.

    It did better than the Epson RX560 and the HP Photosmart C5180.

    I bought a Canon MP600 (which did very well in the test) but the copies don't look as much like the original as they should as the yellow is too intense.
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    Well, the reviews said the only difference between 5100 and 5300 is the lack of the card readers and a small LCD. I figured I did not need to pay $50 for features I will never use. I assume the scanner and printer parts are the same between them.

    I'll check digital camera review. Macworld and PCworld did not have too much details about the scanner other than, it is good. I don't know how they define good.
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    I guess I'll bite the bullet and buy a dedicated scanner. The reviews of all-in-ones are usually a bit mixed and I don't want to return another one. I have some old photos and negatives to scan. Macworld said HP4010 cannot crop the negatives automatically, apparently making the whole exercise time consuming and impractical.

    Now I am trying to decide between Epson V350 and 4490. The latter one is a 2 year old model, I don't know if it will have problems interfacing with Intel Macs. Does anyone have any experience with one of those? I am also curious whether the auto film loader V350 will be more practical than the holder in 4490 that can handle two film strips at once. Does anyone have first hand experience with any of them? Of course, quality advice will also be appreciated.

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