Scanner Buying Advice needed asap - Photocopying function

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Spanky Deluxe, Apr 26, 2006.

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    Ok, I've got exams coming up and I've suddenly realised that I don't have a good chunk of my lecture notes so need to do some copying of my mates notes asap. The cost of using the Uni's photocopiers makes me think that now would be a good time to finally get myself a scanner, I've got a whole pile of stuff that I've wanted to scan at some point anyway.

    I did a quick search on these forums and the Canon Lide printers seem cool. I want to keep my costs down but don't want to buy rubbish that's five years old technology. My requirements are good value and a photocopying function, i.e. one click scanning and printing straight to my HP printer.

    I like the look of the Canon CanoScan LiDE 60 but the reviews say that it comes with minimal software. The only software I want is a photocopying function that works, everything else is surplus to my requirements.

    I live in the UK if that helps in case of product variations.

    I really want to get one ordered asap so that it can be delivered before the weekend and the massive task of scanning hundreds of pages of notes can commence.



    Edit: Also I've never used a scanner on a mac before so I don't know what the software's like. I've used HP scanners on PCs before and have cried every time I've had to use or install their bloatware device drivers. How can a printer and scanner all in one device have drivers that are 190MB big and take 45 minutes to install?!? Crazy.
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    Well even though I'm in the US I bought the Canon CanoScan 8400F and it does everything that I could want and good speed as well. It's not as small as some of the other Canons and it has it's own power supply but even beyond the copy feature for notes the scanning is "very good" for photos. The software that it has is nice as well as the options to use other software if need be. So there it is, not cheap but not one to break the bank either :)

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