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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by sir42, Apr 26, 2008.

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    I would like to start scanning all of my old files (credit card statements, bank statements, utility bills) into searchable PDFs to store on my computer rather than in dusty file boxes. I'm wondering, what's the best method for going about this?

    I currently have the HP 6200 which comes with Readiris 9 OCR software. I was able to scan an old bill into the Readiris OCR but I couldn't then get it to save as a PDF. Not only does it seem sluggish, but when I tried scanning straight to PDF (without first going through the OCR), I couldn't get the multiple pages of the bill to scan into one PDF file (each page was sent to it's own PDF file even though I sent the bill's pages through the automatic document feeder).

    My ideal solution would be something that's more automated: I stick a bill into the scanner and my computer automatically creates a searchable PDF.

    I'm not opposed to buying new equipment/software if that will make the job any easier since I have a lot of files that I would like to turn into PDFs. NeatReceipts is coming out with a mac version in a few weeks. Would that be a good option or should I consider a more robust scanner?

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    I too would be interested in this. The NeatReceipts thing is, well, neat :) I wrote my own receipts tracking software, but as of yet everything is manual. I was looking to implement a more automated solution like the scan/ocr thing this does.

    I have a Xerox DocuMate 510 that scans multiple page (including front and back) into single PDF documents. I've used it to scan class notes once a semester is done. So basically everything I did in one class is in one giant PDF file. The software that came with it is Paperport (, but I think it is windows only.
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    For the past couple of months, I've used the Fujitsu SnapScan S510M and I've been extremely pleased with it. It was a snap to setup and has been easy to use, fast and reliable (and it has a tiny footprint). The software that came with it (including an OCR package & Acrobat Pro) works well on my MBP.

    I use DevonThink Pro to create and manage searchable PDF's (and manage other document types). DTP is great for managing a large number of documents as I do. However, I believe the software that comes with the SnapScan will create searchable PDF's.

    If you decide to get the SnapScan, be sure to get the "M" model if you plan to use it with a Mac. Strangely, it is my understanding that the Mac model will not work with a WinPC, and vise versa.
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    Hi, how do you write your own tracking software? I think NeatReceipts haven't provided us any API yet. Thanks


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