ScanSnap S1300i scanner problems


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Oct 23, 2003
Brunswick, MD
I'd been using an older Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner for something like the last 9 years or so, before the company declared it obsolete with the 64-bit only versions of Mac OS X.

Having had such a good experience for that long with the old ScanSnap and my Macs, I decided to replace it with an S1300i that was on sale at my local Micro Center store. The S1300i is on the "supported" list for OS X Mojave, which I'm still running on this iMac Pro here, and Catalina.

But I'm having a lot of random issues with this new scanner, so far. When it works, it works flawlessly. But it seems like after the scanner has been sitting a while on the machine, unused, and I go to scan in documents? It will often scan in about the first 1/3 of a page and stop, with the software reporting a communications error type message. Once that happens, the blue light on the scanner's button is just blinking and I can't get anything else to scan again until I unplug the USB cable and the power cable from the back of the scanner (and sometimes reboot the Mac for good measure). After that, it starts scanning properly again and seems to work reliably for the rest of that session, even if I have a lot of pages to scan through it.

Does anyone else own one of these? Have you experienced anything similar? Whenever I try to Google the error messages I get, the "solutions" always seem to talk about uninstalling the software and reinstalling it, or making sure you're using the latest version. I've done that already and have upgraded through at least 2 or 3 revisions Fujitsu has released since I bought it.

I'm starting to think it could be defective scanner hardware, except it seems really odd it works fine once I get everything reset and working?