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Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by lagrangerx, Apr 17, 2013.

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    Apr 17, 2013
    Greetings. I work for a store that uses an iPod Touch to play music on outdoor speakers to help improve the shopping experience on our block. It is an 8GB 4th-Gen iPod Touch with iOS 5.0. The iPod spends 99.9% of its time sitting in a docking station (Removed only to periodically change the music on it), and the docking station is connected to a PA system that runs the outdoor speakers. When the store closes at night, the power gets turned off to the PA equipment, including the docking station. This is done from the breaker box in the back of the store, not at the equipment itself.

    When the power gets turned off at night, the iPod automatically stops playing and goes to sleep. This is good, because there's no point in having it play music if it's after hours. However, when the power gets turned back on in the morning, the iPod will wake back up, but it will not automatically start playing again. We have to manually make it start playing. This isn't an issue currently, however we soon will be relocating the PA equipment to an area of the store that is not easily accessible, so it will no longer be feasible to manually start the iPod every morning after it is moved.

    I was wondering if there is an app or built-in setting on the iPod Touch that will either 1) allow it to automatically begin playing once it wakes up, or 2) allow it to automatically begin playing according to a user-defined schedule (Example: 8AM-6:00PM on weekdays, 10AM-4PM on weekends).

    I know that some docking stations include such automation functions. However, the docking station being used here is as basic as basic gets. Also, the equipment actually doesn't belong to us (It belongs to the local merchant coop), we are merely "hosting" it...providing a location for them to operate this equipment from. So we are not allowed to replace any of the equipment, including the dock. Thus, any solutions to this problem must be done via an app or setting on the iPod itself, which we have been given permission to research.

    Thank you for your time.
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    There is no built-in way to do this. Only possible solution would be a 3rd party app. I don't know of any, but you may get lucky searching the app store.
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    Setting a sleep timer
    You can set iPod touch to stop playing music or videos after a period of time.
    Set a sleep timer: From the Home screen go to Clock > Timer, then flick to set the number of
    hours and minutes. Tap When Timer Ends and choose Sleep iPod, tap Set, then tap Start to start
    the timer.
    When the timer ends, iPod touch stops playing music or video, closes any other open app, and
    then locks itself.

    Hope this will help u :)
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    Try the free app Yocto Clock - It is an Alarm clock app which will allow you to choose any songs/playlists to start as alarm.

    There should be plenty of other Alarm clock apps that will do the same thing.
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    Off-topic: Why use an iPod touch when a cheap iPod would do just fine?

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