School of Math's-Kids App for Mathametics

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    Jul 9, 2011

    School of Maths is all about learning Maths by interacting with your iPad. The game is devised to keep your children motivated to learn and to improve their knowledge. There are characters which show responses to the inputs given by your kid. Instant feedback from Panda will make them understand their mistake or success to the questions answered, thus enhancing learning skills.

    In Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, the difficulty levels are in three modes Easy, Medium and Hard. As your kid complete the levels there will be new set of calculation to answer. There is no repetition of the sequence, making this a new challenge every time they play it.

    The user experience is so simple, children know intuitively what to do, and they just have to tap on correct answer’s block. The game is intended for children who know numbers and have a basic understanding of arithmetic. No other reading skills are needed. Unlike other apps, there is no need for precise finger accuracy and coordination to give inputs.

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