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Discussion in 'iPad' started by jtmx29, Nov 8, 2011.

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    Jan 14, 2010
    Hey guys,

    I have to complete a marketing project based around the benefits of segmentation. I would like to know about your consumption of the product and why you chose it over alternatives. If you could detail your consumption, benefits sought, and any other information regarding why or why not you chose an alternative product, I would appreciate it.

    Here's a quick example of what I'm looking for.

    I'm JTMx29, I used the iPad for reading, browsing the internet, and utilizing various iOS applications (music, games, movies, and so forth). I chose the iPad because it had the benefit of having a stable (intuitive) OS, great battery life, massive application library, and was the perfect size.

    I chose not to go with an alternative because the iPad had more to offer based upon what I described above. A major factor was that I had used Android OS on multiple phones previously and found that their app store was lackluster and the OS itself was not as fluid as the iOS software is (hardware acceleration is much better on the iPad than competitors I found). I also felt that the business model of Apple was far superior than other companies. With the iPad I knew I would have one device that would get most if not all updates to the hardware on time and in working order. I found that many devices that run Android are either early upgrades to new software or don't receive the update at all. I wanted something that was stable and always ready to work when I needed it.

    Thanks for the help!

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    I got a "free" original iPod Touch when buying my wife a MacBook. Having email, web, notes, tools, books, music, etc. in my pocket made me abandon my notebook computer. After such heavy and pervasive use, I wanted something bigger and always connected.

    So when the iPad showed up, getting the maxed-out model was a no-brainer. Online anywhere anytime for 80% of my needs rocks. 30 minutes after the 3G model was released, there wasn't any other comparable options available so there I was in line. The key is smooth ubiquity: it's always there, always on, always online, always works, can do most of what I need (and if not, new apps are just seconds away). Enjoying the coveted early-adopter "unlimited" AT&T 3G data plan, I don't even have to worry about running out the meter (run about 3GB/month, but nice to not deal with overages).

    I've seen other people pursue alternatives...and each time I've seen them try another alternative. Cheaper devices prove...cheaper. Equivalent devices may be in specs, but not in compatability practice: your choice is iOS apps, a fragmented/confused Android world trying to catch up, or other tablets which have orders of magnitude fewer options.

    iPad just works - and works anywhere. Have yet to see anything that has that perfectionist edge.

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