Scientists Detect Ripples in Space and Time from Two Black Holes Colliding

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by bradl, Jun 15, 2016.

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    Insert every relevant Star Trek quote regarding disturbances in the Space/Time Continuum here.


    I'm not going to lie; this conceptually looks really cool, but altogether rather scientifically disturbing, let alone sci-fi disturbing. Could Roddenberry have been right on this as well?

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    Thanks for starting this thread, @bradl and for sharing this story.

    Fascinating. Just fascinating.
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    Who is checking these guys out? I have a feeling that all of these supergeniuses in the world have conspired to prank us regular people.

    "Oh yeah man, let's tell them that space is like JELL-O, and it wobbles... *tehee*... Oh! And say that black holes are exploding billions of something away and they're bigger than the sun - that'll make the proletariat go 'Oooooh, wow, let's throw money at these scientists and double their funding!'."

    I remain convinced that the only black holes are between the scientists' juicy but firm buttcracks. :|
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    Think about it this way. Our galaxy orbits a black hole:

    And for us regular people (especially children) to understand:

    Additionally, we just found out that we have an asteroid orbiting the Earth in addition to the Moon. Oh.. and Makemake has an official new moon.

    EDIT: on a personal note, my children absolutely love the Kids Learning Tube channel. It was from that that they learned not only about the planets in our solar system, but also about their moons, their rings, all 5 Dwarf planets, the moons around those planets (including the newly discovered one), the seasons, the above Milky Way galaxy, parts of the body, all 50 US states and capitals, and most recently, all 44 US Presidents...

    .. all at ages 6 and 4. The Youtube Kids app has been a boon for us.

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