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    I'm just looking for some general knowledge regarding scooters and the like. I'm posting this from my iPhone, so I won't get too into detail. Basically, I'm looking to get a scooter for daily commuting. I would like one that can get up to around 50-60 MPH fairly comfortably but only plan on driving it about 35-45. Also, great fuel economy is a must as well. I've been researching, and it seems like 250CC is a good displacement for everyday driving, but I know nothing. Also, any particular models you'd recommend?

    I guess my biggest question is in regards to registration/insurance. Do they require a different type of license? Also, how do insurance rates fair against regular cars? It'll be registered in Ohio with primary driving being in West Virginia.

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    I'd check what the local law is regarding scooters and licenses. Down here in Texas no license is required to operate a scooter. But anything over 250cc and/or faster than 35mph (top speed) is no longer classified as a scooter; it's a motorbike then and requires an M-class license. I don't know the law up north.
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    Why not try a moped out?

    I'm sure you could get 50mph out of one of those?
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    Anything over 50cc and/or 35mph is considered a scooter (under is a moped). I'm looking for something that will go near highway speeds.
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