Scrabble for iPad?


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Jan 27, 2010
Is the Scrabble game for the iPad any good? And a more specific question I have is whether or not you can play single player vs a computer opponent?


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Feb 10, 2008
I was a bit disappointed with the Scrabble price on the iPad. It's not that bad for software, but the iPhone version works pretty great on the iPad which doesn't make it very worthwhile to pay $10 for an iPad version. It is a little pixelated, but very playable.

I would think you can play solo since you can on the iPhone (I think it's the Play Now on the 5th screen shot in the App Store).

I do like the looks of their party mode if you have several people around the iPad who have iPhones using the free Scrabble Tile Rack. That's a really interesting concept!


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Aug 15, 2008
Norwich, UK
Connect to Facebook outside of USA/Canada?

On the iPhone version you can and you can also connect to others via Facebook.
I believe that the rights to Scrabble are owned by different organisations in the USA/Canada versus the rest of the world. I also believe that you can link at least iPhone Scrabble to Facebook Scrabble in the USA/Canada.

But does anyone know whether this is true in the UK? (I've looked at the games and their websites but can't find anything that says you can - I'm just hopeful...)