Scrabble ruined


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Jun 18, 2013
What ever you do don't update your scrabble on iPad, EA have ruined it with the update the new board sends your eyes crazy after a few minutes, I love the game and now I hate it come on EA get your act together and backtrack


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Aug 16, 2005
New England
Which version in particular breaks it for you? My wife is constantly in it and I think she is running the most current version 3.4 without complaints.



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Jun 18, 2013
You mean since they altered the design/app icon a few weeks back?

I didn't like the redesign at first, but go into the settings within the app and there's an option to revert back to the original game board and tile design. That should make it easier on the eyes.


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Oct 26, 2012
is it just me or is the game a complete rewrite that loses some of the options of the old version (i might be wrong)

originally i bought the iphone version for about 4 euro. when i was getting an ipad i liked that the ipad version (separate purchase, 9 euro!) advertised that you could use iphones as tile racks as me and wife both have, and it means we dont have to pass the ipad.

bought the ipad version to find the tile rack app had been removde from the app store.

on buying the wife an ipad i did see in the scrabble app the ability to play over wifi, but on downloading the update/rewrite it doesnt seem to be as simple, need to log in with facebook or something...

plus it looks like a dog of an app now, when it was a nice looking scrabble app before.