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    ScrapBox Notes

    Go to ScrapBox Notes in App Store ->
    • One of the most comprehensive note-taking apps
    • Smooth hand-writing ability
    • Amazing backgrounds to fit all your needs
    • Easy to use with simple design but powerful properties
    • Rich multimedia support such as voices, pictures, locations, emojis, contacts and web documents
    • Several sharing options
    Why ScrapBox Notes is different from other note-taking apps?:
    • Add as many friends or coworkers as you wish to your note and create your notes simultaneously with them.
    • Send your notes to public and let the world enjoy your note
    • Pin your notes on the map and let people discover your memories at that locations
    screen568x568-7.jpeg screen568x568-6.jpeg screen568x568-3.jpeg

    screen568x568-4.jpeg screen568x568-5.jpeg

    Go to ScrapBox Notes in App Store ->
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    Hello mates, version 1.4 is out with new "mapped" functions. Have a great day!

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