Scratched Retina MacBook Pro Screen

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by stringerhye, Apr 16, 2014.

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    Jul 5, 2010
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    So I have a scratch in the upper left corner of my one-month-old Retina MacBook Pro. I can't for the life of me think of how it happened. I can't tell if it's a scratch or a crack, but I take really good care of my electronics and have been babying the new computer. I took it to the Genius Bar and of course they said it's cosmetic damage so it wouldn't be covered under warranty.

    It's currently being sent out for a different issue where they are replacing the logic board and top case, which makes me a little uncomfortable because it's only one month old.
  2. singjai macrumors member

    Jan 23, 2014
    This reminds me of what my friend did a few months back.. I got my new retina macbook on its release date. I've had it for about 7 months in perfect condition. Always had it in a sleeve inside my padded backpack, covered in a speck smart shell, keyboard cover, and a moshi palmguard. When I was at my buddy's house, he was showing me a new pair of true religion jeans he got. When he pulled it away, the belt hit my laptop's screen and left a 2 inch scratch on the upper left corner. You can't tell its there unless you put a flashlight on it but it still bugged me for a few weeks; then I got over it. You'll forget about it eventually.
  3. MH01 Suspended


    Feb 11, 2008
    How on earth does a one month laptop require a new top case and logic board, and at the same time they have issues with replacing the screen lol. I'd argue that laptop should not have shipped, and you have a reason for a replacement .

    Also the LCD is part if the top case. As in when they order the top case, the LCD is included.

    Looks like your getting a new screen.

    Basically they are saying the base is fine, and you broke the LCD . And they will replace the rest :)
  4. alphaod macrumors Core


    Feb 9, 2008
    The top case is the piece with the keyboard and trackpad attached, not the display.
  5. MH01 Suspended


    Feb 11, 2008
    Righto. I thought it was the lid in this situation.

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