Screen acting up, becoming unresponsive

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    I've had the iPad 2 for about a year and a half now, and yesterday it started acting up. It skips key presses when typing, which I thought was due to poor performance on my part, but when pressing and holding backspace the problem became clear. Sometimes it won't delete anything, sometimes it'll delete the first letter, sometimes it'll start deleting multiple letters and then just stop.

    Same thing when scrolling, swiping etc. It "drops the connection" with the finger. It's not only when I'm using it, and none of has have the same problems with other touchscreen products, such as iPhones or touch pads for the laptops.

    The screen is clean, no screen protector on, no scratches, it's not been in humid environments (and it has a Lifeproof Nuud case on). I've tried rebooting it and soft reset (sleep+home buttons for ten seconds). Tomorrow I'll try restoring it from a backup, then setting it up as new (both via iTunes to get the "fresh" software).

    I must be really bad at googling, because I can't find anything that resembles this. Can anyone offer any help? I'd like to try everything before taking it to the store (to be told I have to buy a new one, most likely)...

    Also, the mail application no longer opens up. It might be unrelated though.
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