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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Robert4, Mar 31, 2018.

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    First, a sincere thanks to everyone for helping me get started with my new iMac, and all of my dumb questions. Really appreciate the help.

    I know about, sorta, capturing an image off of the desktop using shift-command-4, and the variations of these. Real pain.

    Is there any simpler, single key, e.g., that does it for both options: the whole screen, and
    a selectable portion ?

    Is shift-command-4 really the easiest and only way ? Any APP that does it ?

    (I'm using a Logitech keyboard)

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    If you do a lot of screenshots, a paid app like Snagit might be worthwhile. Snagit offers a lot of integrations with apps, and editing tools. Once launched, a single click brings up the capture and you can set it to default to "All in One" mode which will capture the entire desktop, a window, or a section of the screen based on cursor location.

    It saves all your screenshots in the editor so you can capture everything, then go back and save or copy images into documents. It also can capture video, and scroll browser pages to get longer pages in a single capture.

    There are others out there, I use snag daily for work, so can't comment on others.
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    What so ‘difficult’ on command,shift,3 and command,shift,4

    I know one of these make a full screenshot and saves it to your desktop.
    The other will make your mouse a crosshair and you can select a portion you want to snap.
    (don’t know out of my head which does what)

    How easy do you want it?
    Did you know you can change keyboard shortcuts?
    I don’t see he need of any other application for screenshots, even for screenrecordings you can use Quicktime.

    P.s. let me add that for BASIC screencapture and recordings you need nothing but a default Mac :)

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