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    Hello. Some of you may have already noticed my recent post about the chip in my unibody. Well, I have 'come to terms' with the fact that perhaps that is there to stay.

    I just thought I would share an experience I had with cleaning the glossy screen on my MBP.

    So I have had the computer in my possession for around 3 days now and the screen was already starting to show up with dust. Upon using the supplied Apple microfiber cloth I found dust was removed straight away, while smudges took a little more work. (Smudges from new may I add, not anything I had created. I always try to avoid making ANY contact with the screen as much as possible). It was then after some meticulous buffing I noticed what I thought to be scratches!!

    Last night I had given them the standard no chemical approach, just a bog standard buff (breath and cloth rub) to which these 'scratches' did not seem to shift. I would say initially I spent about 5 minutes just trying to work away the 'scratch' hoping some how they would suddenly disappear.

    Anyway this morning I thought perhaps I investigate about an Apple approved plastic polish but to now avail. It got to the stage again were I thought I would give this 'scratch' another go. I do not know exactly what my motivation was to keep going, but perhaps I just hoped somehow the more I polished the more it would take the 'scratch' away. After another 5/10 minutes of using my breath/moisture and buffing with the supplied cloth until dry, would you believe it, 'SCRATCH' GONE!

    I could not believe it! It was almost like a miracle! *sigh of relief* I do not know what was on the screen, it must have been some sort of glue, but it really did have the strong appearance of a scratch.

    So to conclude my cleaning tips for screens, particularly of the glossy kind.

    1. Always keep the Apple Microfiber cloth in the provided packet. Leaving it laying around makes the cloth liable to contamination or to any debris that could scratch the screen.

    2. Make sure the laptop is off. It is safer when applying moisture, plus dirt/dust shows up better this way.

    3. Set the laptop down, open the lid and adjust the screen angle to approximately 115 degrees. Making sure the surface is clean/soft push the laptop back, just until it makes connection with a wall or something solid. That way you give the screen total support for when polishing.

    4. At first dry wipe using the supplied cloth to remove all dust & then buff using the moisture from your breath and polish until dry. Be sure to apply a very little gentle pressure. Don't be afraid to keep repeating this process & working this method over, until you have a completely smear, dust and hopefully scratch free screen! You should not scratch your screen any further so long as you have kept the microfiber cloth clean as advised in step 1.

    As I say I had a very lucky result. Maybe, just maybe others who think they have a scratch might just find they have a similar surprise to myself.

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    Just FYI, the unibody screen is glass, not plastic. It's going to be kinda hard to scratch it while cleaning it.
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    I use Monster screencleaner spray and included microfiber cloth. Works
    great on all my lcd screens.

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