Screen Crash


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Oct 9, 2015

i am using apple macbook pro mid-2010. Im getting some lines for 1/ms. i captured it.
What is this? Why. Sometimes im getting this lines when i watching the video. Not whole screen, only inside window frame. Sometimes same on full screen videos.

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Sep 10, 2014
Why not? is this over-heading? i found this video;

Maybe a specialized repair center can fix it... I had the same problem with my Nvidia videocard that was in my Asus notebook. The fix was to heat up the videocard with an iron to melt one od the layers on the chip... it didn't work. Time to buy a new Macbook if you can...

This is the reason why I didn't buy a MBP with a discrete video card... Intel makes the most reliable products on Earth, their GPU is good enough.
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