Screen died/locked up! Had to Force Reset

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Bliztu, Jun 15, 2015.

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    May 10, 2015
    So I've had my 42mm black sports model since early to mid-May and it is in great condition. No bumps, scratches, marks etc, never seen water, and has had no issues at all, until yesterday.

    The day started off like any other, the watch was charged overnight, put on first thing in the morning, and wore it without any issues until about mid day when I tried to swipe the screen down to check if I had any alerts. I noticed that there was a text message waiting for me in my phone that I wasn't alerted to.

    The watch did not react, so I tried again, and again. It wouldn't do anything. No force touch, no vibrations, it's screen was basically half-dead. I say half dead because I could still use the side button and hold it down to see the power off button, but because that too requires a swipe, and the screen was not reacting I was stuck going between there and the passcode screen, which that too was now locked and I couldn't enter in my code.

    I tried unlocking the watch from my phone by logging in but that didn't work, it even said I wasn't connected by Bluetooth any longer! I was completely frustrated with it, but finally looked up how to do a hard reset (push in the crown and side button in at the same time and hold for 10 seconds).

    That left the apple screen half illuminated on my screen, and it stayed that way for maybe 5 minutes to my relief the watch came back on and went to the face screen. From there the watch and iPhone began communicating again, and the watch's screen began the react to touch like nothing ever happened.

    What a weird scare though. Be prepared all you watch owners for knowing how to do a hard reset like this, because there was absolutely no rhyme or reason why this happened to me yesterday.
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    Just like the phone.... every now and then the screen dies and have to do the two button dance.
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    May 10, 2015
    Yes, but with my phone (which I carry two iPhones daily, and have had every model since the 4) the screen hasn't completely gone dead. There has been apps and such that lock up, but never the complete touch feature lost. Doesn't matter, I felt it was important to pass it along since I didn't see many other threads about it and I wanted to others to know what to do in case their's too lock up.
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