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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by timothevs, Apr 9, 2010.

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    Hi all, what I imagined was a documented 8600GT nVidia issue with my SR MBP (purchased in April 2008 without Apple Care, d-oh), turns out to be a different issue altogether.

    The display gets distorted and it seems as if the LCD needs a v-sync controller. I have posted a video of it here <>. If I move the LCD slightly the distortion will go away. But it inevitably returns after a while. It gets unusable for that period of time. Oddly enough I can go hours without this problem manifesting, and then hours when this problem doesn't go away.

    My recourse has been to connect an external monitor to the MBP, and it works great that way. So I am pretty convinced that it is an LCD/Cable issue as well.

    The Genius seemed to believe it was an LCD issue as well, something about the cable being torn or stretched or something. He quoted an amount ~$650 to get the whole assembly changed.

    Here's my dilemma: this is my work machine, and I can't afford to have it gone for a few days/week. Is there anything I can try at home before handing it to Apple for repair... like try and reseat the cable... I have opened the MBP in the past to replace the HDD. Should I even bother to get it repaired, if I can't fix it myself, or should I just save the money and get a new MBP?

    Decisions, decisions...

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    You could try to change the cable yourself.
    If you decide to get it repaired, try talk with your service center.
    My local center did order a new screen for me, called me, I delivered the MBP and they exchanged it within a few hours.
    No need for the computer to sit at their storage for several days while they wait for parts to arrive.
    This of course requires you to meet up first to let them examine the machine.

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