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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by macduke, Apr 6, 2010.

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    I bought the Invisible Shield by Zagg at Best Buy for $30. Usually I look things up online before I make a purchase, but this time I trusted the salesperson who told me that this screen protector is anti-glare, even though it doesn't say that anywhere on the box. I popped open the top (didn't damage the box) and took it out and I can't tell if its anti-glare. I don't want to open the plastic so that I can take it back if I need to. I can't tell by the information on Zagg's website if it has anti-glare, but I assume they would tout this as a feature? I also searched on Google and found mixed results about the iPhone versions.

    Does anyone here know if the Invisible Shield for iPhone (or for iPad if you bought it) is anti-glare? I also read that it is rubbery. I need something that will glide relatively smooth as I use my iPad for sketching. For reference, I have a Power Support anti-glare on my 3GS. I'd like something similar but they don't have their iPad products for sale yet. Is the Zagg comparable to the Power Support? Do fingerprints show up easily? Hah, now that I think about it "Invisible" probably means that its completely clear. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
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    No the invisible shield is not antiglare to be honest I don't think that there is a antiglare for the iPad just yet but there should be one soon. From what I have noticed though bodyguardz is much better for the screen protectors. The invisible shield will become yellowish
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    Truth be told, the three or four skin manufacturers are mostly the same.

    But, the Invisible shield is not specifically anti-glare, but it will significantly cut down on glare. I have no trouble at all with the skin I have on my iPhone. Like I said, it's not a matte skin, but it will definitely cut down on the glare for you.

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