Screen repair options for 13" 2012 Retina

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by imrazor, Mar 12, 2018.

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    I just picked up a 13" Retina MacBook Pro 2012 for the bargain basement price of $125. Of course there's a catch - the screen is broken and one USB port is flaky. But it works great as a Mac mini - in fact I'm making this post with it. Given the price point, I'm content to use it as a Mini, but I'd like to get the screen fixed if it's economically feasible.

    Looking around the interwebs it seems that the screen is no longer in production, which means I (or my chosen repair facility) would have to use a used display. Anyone have any recommendations on sourcing parts or a facility that can do the repair at a reasonable price?

    I've looked at iFixit's repair guide and it seems like a pretty fiddly repair, so I'd probably prefer to have someone else do it. That of course will increase the cost, perhaps to the point where I might as well buy a whole new laptop. What can I expect to pay for a new screen plus labor?
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    Converted, that's about US$700. Checked around a few places locally and prices are similar to your vendor of choice. The Apple Store wants $700+ and a local shop is willing to do it for ~$575. That seems, well, excessive. Yes I know it's a high resolution panel, but still.

    A co-worker suggested doing it myself. I've worked on several Dell laptops, but a 13" Retina laptop is whole other level of tight corners and small bits. Even the DIY option can get expensive. Used screens at iFixit run from $250 for a C-grade panel to $350 for an A-grade *used* panel. And that's not including the specialized tools I'd need.

    Why are these things so bloody expensive to fix? The 2012 Retina seems particularly costly for some reason.
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    Even for the Airs s*** 13" Apple wants 450€.

    Well it won't get cheaper than repair by yourself. Or just sell it and by one with working display:)

    A friend once bought a retina c grade display also for 250 less. But it was really bad. The backlight was totally unequal.

    Its how Apple designs the products. The display is glued in and the keyboard also. So you always have to replace and pay half of the housing if something goes kaputt.

    Same now with backpanel of new iPhones. Which means after 3years when Apple care stops it's a financial total loss
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    Repairs for that model have gone down a lot. Im looking at new displays for $250 plus $150 install. Im in San Diego, CA and can repair it for you or you can ship it to me. If you have any questions I'm an Apple Certified Tech. San Diego Mac Repair

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