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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by matthewHUB, Apr 13, 2010.

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    Hi all.

    I'll be brief but to the point as I don't have much time. Bought a REV A MBA 1.8ghz on launch day with a 64gb SSD. Cost me over 3K. Hinge cracked last week. I read online it was a design fault and Apple would fix it even if the machine was not under warranty (which mine wasn't). Here is that link:

    Took it into the store, they ordered me a new screen (costs $900 I think) and changed it. My new screen has 2 dead pixels. I wasn't even sure what a dead pixel was until I saw my screen. I know a lot of people talk about them. One pixel is black, the other whiter than "white" from a google safari page.

    I queried it with the staff. They said to have 2 dead pixels is "within the specifications" and that under 20 pixels was within the specifications. They totally tried to brush me off. The manager came. She said "we can replace it again and the new one might have 5 dead pixels" to which I said that i'd ask them to change it again and they replied that they wouldn't. Anyway I said that my screen before was completely perfect apart from the hinge and i'd rtaher have a cracked hinge than a screen with 2 dead pixels.

    Then I asked if they had another screen in stock. No. Can they order it? She said "i'm not sure if i even want to order if for you if we're going to be having the same conversation in 3 days". I told her that it was her own ultimatum which stated that she offered to replace it but couldn't replace the replacement, and now wasn't even going to honour it. She gave in and ordered it.

    Ugh. I love Apple. They're even giving me a free new screen! But come on.. fewer than 20 dead pixels is "within the specification"? The manager's attitude sucked. I spend $3000 on this machine, the screen was fine before. I didn't sign a disclaimer saying "if the new screen has fewer than 20 dead pixels, tough."
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    I recently had my Rev A replaced with a Rev C because of excessive repairs and down time (2 logic boards, HDD, screen). The replacement had a stuck pixel (red) with a "bruise" (1 cm) surrounding it. I called Applecare and they gave me the line about it being within the acceptable tolerances for pixel anomalies. I hadn't pushed the issue because it's hard to describe the "bruise" over the phone.

    Because I felt like my replacement was defective I took it back to the Apple store (PITA since it was 1hr away from me but I emphasized this fact when talking to the Genius) and after seeing the screen they did an exchange on the spot. New MBA looks great.

    Anyway, my advice would be to risk getting a new screen. They tried the same lines on me (apple care and one retail store) saying that the replacement might have more dead/stuck pixels that could be worse than the one I had so I shouldn't risk it. Be persistent and if you have the choice, try different stores. Fortunately for me I have 3 Apple Retail stores within 30 minutes of each other (even though they are about 1hr away from me).

    Also, the apple policy on pixel anomalies is not 20 on a MBA, it's definitely less than that.
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    I think the maximum is around seven dead pixels on a laptop screen, but it depends on spacing and if they’re light or dark.

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