Screen Sharing very slow since Lion

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by danny_w, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. danny_w, Aug 10, 2012
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    Apparently I am not the only one having Screen Sharing problems, as I have seen several posts on here and on the Apple forum as well. I too have had Screen Sharing become almost completely useless since upgrading all systems to Lion. I use screen sharing from work to control my iMac at home. Both systems were on Snow Leopard. I bought a new MBP for work and it had Lion installed, and screen sharing took a long time to get working again, but it worked fairly well. I recently upgraded my iMac at home to Lion and now screen sharing is all but useless. One suggested solution that I read was to turn on File Sharing, but that is one at both work and home. Does anybody have any other suggestions?
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    I appreciate your frustration, but some details would be helpful. Otherwise we can only guess...and my guess would be that you have stored keychains that you used prior to Lion either for a direct connection or via MobileMe. I'd suggest you turn off screen sharing, delete the keychains, and then turn on screen sharing again with proper credentials. Screen sharing now works per user, so you have to take that into account if you have multiple users on the shared computer.

    But I'm just guessing; sorry.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Specifically what do you mean by delete keychains? I have used Keychain Access in the past but not a great deal. What damage will I do by deleting the wrong keychain(s)? Is it safe to just delete all keychains, or should only specific ones be deleted? Thanks for the help.
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    Same issues here…no solution as of yet

    I am having very similar problems with screen sharing now. Oddly enough, everything was running very smoothly after I upgraded two different Macs sitting on different networks to Lion. I would even say that screen sharing was more fluid and faster compared to 10.6x. After the Lion upgrade, I was getting the constant login password request each time I started screen sharing, but it still worked and quite nicely.

    Now, it is completely useless. I've followed the links posted above and have deleted all network password login entries associated for these computers in keychain access and this has not helped at all.

    I posted this problem on the Apple discussion site and no one has chimed in, so I'm hoping others may be able to recommend other things for me to try. I will be upgrading both Macs to 10.8 soon, so I'm wondering if I should just hold my breath and see if the problems just go away.

    Thanks to anyone who can offer more advice to this problem.


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