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Oct 22, 2005
Hi All,

Can you help?

I'm trying to use the grab tool to create screen shots. THe problem is, when i send them to my client, it comes up saying the need QT and a tiff decompressor.

Is there an easier way to take screen shots? that will be successfully displayed on a windows machine?


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Jan 9, 2004
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Apple-shift-3 (full screen)
Apple-shift-4 (select a segment)

Both default to giving you a PNG file (on desktop). I guess it's possible you accidentally set this to be a TIFF file instead at some point. You can change the format very easily...if PNG doesn't work for you, do JPG, which should definitely work.

Since this is a FAQ, I'll make you read the most recent thread asking the same questions for more details. :p


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Oct 24, 2003
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command-shift-4 will activate a marquee that takes screenshots in png format.
command-shift-4; tap the spacebar to capture a window or menu with a single click.