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Discussion in 'iOS 12' started by btownguy, Jun 7, 2018.

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    So I plan to use this feature for my kid. I already use Disney Circle to limit his internet time on the device but this does nothing for offline apps. Will this new feature allow me to say “this kid gets 3 hours of screen time per day” regardless of the app used? If not and you have to do it app by app that is useless. He’s got dozens of games and could just switch to the next game after the time limit for one ends.

    And please don’t hijack the thread with comments saying I should parent better. Leave those comments over at Reddit. I’m here because I’m curious about the new Apple feature and how it works.
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    It is supposed to offer you the choice. You can set overall time limits or limits based upon category. At the same time, you can specify apps that you want to always be available.

    My problem is that it currently is broken. you are supposed to be able to set the limits remotely from your phone if you have the child's phone under family sharing, but it is not working. Also, it is supposed to report back on time info but it doesn't. You can still set the limits directly on the phone and protect them with a PIN. It DOES allow the child to request additional time and you can approve or deny that remotely. I know this because my son has requested more time yesterday for a game and today for the music player. (I may make that one available always.)

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