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Jul 17, 2009
Denver, co
My employer holds live training sessions using conferencing apps that I would like to record so I can view later in case I get interrupted. Say, there was a server outage or other issue where I had to jump into other apps to troubleshoot/resolve the issue.

I’d like to record the conference window including audio, even though I had to switch to an ssh ./ terminal window for a bit and then switch back.

Is there an app that can connect and record a specific app‘s video and audio, even if I minimize it and use other apps? it looks like Mojave’s built in record captures a specific display, so it captures any app I switch to , not a specific app.
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Aug 5, 2020
Due to work requirements, I often need to use video recorders to record online conferences with system audio and microphone. I always have Joyoshare Screen Recorder cause it is one of the simplest yet powerful software I've ever used. It can record videos in high quality with no lag, to which I attach much importance. Share it here in hope that it could be useful to you as well. ?


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Sep 13, 2002
Bristol, UK
One of the best Apps is Screenflow - mentioned in the article that @barbu linked above. Screenflow can be configured to capture your whole screen or part of your screen. With Screenflow you can capture the audio from the computer, which is what you need to capture the audio from the video conferencing app. However Screenflow can't capture audio and video from a specific app, but you could set up your display so that you can see the Conference call app and a terminal window and set up Screenflow to capture the area around the Conference call window only.

I should mention that most video conference apps have the ability to capture the session, to allow people to watch after the meeting has finished. You may want to reach out to the host to see if you could access this.
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