Screengate MBP 13" (with Touch Bar) Late 2016, Model: A1706

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by livelife123, Jan 4, 2019.

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    Jan 4, 2019
    Hello all. I purchased this MBP 13" of mine at the end of November 2016 and then started facing a problem in mid-December 2018 where the screen turns black when I tilt the display to almost 90 degrees. I contacted the Apple Customer Support for advice as it was just less than a month after the 2-year warranty for electronics sold in Germany expired.

    They asked me to bring my MBP to either an Apple Authorized Reseller or the Apple Store to be checked. I brought it to one of Apple's Authorized Resellers as I did not have an Apple Store in the vicinity of where I live. The staff there told me that it would cost 60 EUR to check what the problem was if I choose not to have it repaired in the end. I did the diagnostics, formatted the MBP etc and they did it as well and everything came up clean. After that, they came up with a quotation for the repair cost which would be around 700 EUR. Their diagnosis was: "The LCD backlight of the display is defective and does not light up. A substitute display was tested and it worked smoothly. The display needs to be completely replaced."

    This is totally unacceptable as I spent around 2200 EUR for this device and expected it to last for at least 3-4 years but sadly this wasn't the case. I've always been careful when using my MBP and have never dropped it on the floor. I contacted Apple Customer Support in the UK and they asked me to wait for a few days before getting back to me as they had to check with the head of their technical department. They got back to me after that and told me that the technical department said no as the warranty had already expired. They subsequently asked me to contact Apple Customer Support in Germany to see what they would say but they told me since Apple UK said "no", it would be a "no" for them as well. Is this right for Apple to deny any responsibility as the display is defective and is not due to negligence of user behaviour?

    Thank you very much for your patience in reading this thread. I appreciate it very much.
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    Well, I do not have this kind of problem, but my 2015 MBP screen developed a white spot without any external damage, so the only explanation is that the display is defective. My MBP is also out of warranty and there is nothing I can do about it except paying 500 EUR for a replacement. If you are in Germany, you could try to be very insistent and see what can you do. You have an advantage because there are official Apple retail stores in Germany / UK, so you have a place to go. There are only APR stores in Czech republic and they laugh at your face when you try to get a free replacement. I tried to get a free replacement under the staingate program, but I just have few keyboard marks on the screen, so they said my display is not faulty.

    There is a website dedictated to your problem: Maybe you will get lucky and Apple will launch a replacement program (similar to the keyboard replacement program), but I don't think it will be anytime soon.
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    Jan 4, 2019
    Thanks very much, Martius!
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    Stuff fails. It’s inevitable.

    The warranty is Apple’s commitment that they will fix certain issues within certain parameters and within a certain period of time.

    In this case, there had been a failure, and the warranty has expired.
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    I got hit by flexgate too,

    apparently the display connector cable is too short and snaps over time of regular use... fun

    My display didnt shut off though, just saw spotlighting at the bottom

    I figured if I ignored the spotlighting all display out would go eventually.

    Absurd Apple has to replace the entire top display for this, when it could just be a cable swap.. or they couldve given a LITTLE more length on the cable and avoided this fiasco all together

    While I'm glad AppleCare covered it, im concerned it might happen again when I'm out of warranty at the end of this year. It really should fall under their quality repair program like the keyboards do (4 years from date of purchase, so 1 more year on top of applecare... still not enough but its better than nothing, and great if you dont have AC at all)
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    Jan 4, 2019
    True that. Thank you for your response.
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    Thank you for your response.
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    I had the exact same issue and covered my experience here.

    Does the EU have stricter consumer protection laws that can help you out with this? I agree, this defect is incredibly frustrating.

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