Screensaver at login panel?


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Jul 10, 2004
New Orleans / Lafayette, La
My mom just asked me if it is possible for her to run her screensaver at the login screen of different accounts.
I can't figure out how to do this or of its even possible.

Does anyone know how to do this?


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May 15, 2003
San Francisco
I was just thinking about this yesterday. I do not think it is possible. I remember I left my Mac at the login window for a few hours a couple of days ago. When I came back, the screensaver had not activated. The display did sleep, however.


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May 31, 2004
I'm not sure about a screensaver, but I do know that if you set the display to sleep at a certain time, it will sleep at that set time during the login window. Could be a good workaround.

Lee Tom

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