ScreenSaver - Cant Turn it off. -- Also frontrow issues

Discussion in 'macOS' started by StokeLee, Oct 31, 2007.

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    So I upgraded today. And issues already. When my screen saver activates after 30 mins of no use, and I move the mouse, or press a key , the screen saver goes off, to the screen it should, then turns back on again, the only way ive managed to turn it off, was eventually getting to thte system pref's , and changing the time it came on to NEVER. I rebooted, incase it was soemthign with the install of Leopard tonight.. and set the screeen saver off, and its doing it again.

    The install was a clean install. Only extra programs I installed are eyetv, and msn..

    Frontrow, I start playing a video that was ok on tiger in quicktime, and frontrow starts playing it, then finishes it. Triedit in quicktime PRo, and plays it, then finishes, without playing the who video, tried it with a few different ones, same result
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