Screensavers on Quartz Composer no longer available

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Mac&Me, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Mac&Me macrumors newbie

    Jun 13, 2012
    Hello everyone,

    I need your help and your knowledges!

    I created screensavers last weeks with Quartz Composer. They worked on my computer and I tried them on too other MacBooks which didn't have the software installed and it was ok too.

    But today, the screensavers are no longer available neither on my mac nor on the other ones! Yet, I didn't change anything...

    I created them again with Quartz and the new ones work on my computer but not on the others!

    Do you know why?

    Another question: I need to display them on a website for people to download them if they want and the extension isn't ".saver" but ".qtz". Will they be usable anyway?

    Thanks for your help!


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