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    Is it possible to perform screenshots in higher resolution than 72 ppi ? If so : How high ? ? And how can I do that ? ? ?
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    ppi does not mean anything for a screenshot, which is an image.

    A screen shot has a size in pixels : if I do a screenshot of the whole screen of my Macbook 13", the resulting image will be 800x1280 pixels in size.

    ppi (pixel per inch) is used for scans and monitors.
    The screen of my Macbook 13" has a 113 ppi display.

    dpi (dots per inch) refers to how much dots you have in a inch long line when printing an image.

    Therefore, if I print my screenshot at 72 dpi, the printed image will be 11.11 x 17.77" in size.
    If I print at 200 dpi, the printed image will be 4 x 6.4" in size.
    If I print at 113 dpi, the printed image will have the same size as my display.
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    Retina Macs take screenshots with a default resolution of 144ppi. Regular Macs take screenshots at 72ppi.

    Mac Screenshots are (buy default) PNG images. The PNG format supports encoding a target DPI. A graphics application that respects this target DPI will then rescale the image to the target DPI automatically.

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