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Aug 13, 2007
have you tried celtx? -

It's free and comes with a screenwriting program as well as storyboard and other things that will help you with production. I used it for my screenwriting class once and helped a lot

Final draft has a free demo I think, but then again it is a demo...


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Aug 21, 2007
Oslo, Norway
Movie Magic´s "Screenwriter" is not free, but it is used by many in the business. A very useful programme if you need to e-mail scripts backwards and forwards.


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Jun 23, 2009
Final Draft, Storyist, and Montage are all great pieces of software; I think they all have free demos? Not positive. Screenwriting format is really particular, and I think it's nearly impossible to get right in Word without eons of patience (not my specialty). The format is created for a reason; so that it can easily be broken down into storyboards and shot lists for pre-production and during production. I think there are a few scheduling programs like Gorilla or EP which will integrate well with the aforementioned screenwriting programs in order to create shot lists and budgeting; also, storyboard programs like StoryBoard Quick or StoryBoard Artist will import your scripts from these screenwriting programs to make your boards.


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Jun 7, 2018
Monahans, Texas
I used Ulysses all the time, when I worked as a screenwriter. Now, as I've applied for a New York State TA certification and will later have to deal with various tasks (I want to apply for a job at The New York Film Academy), I think I will need some apps for structuring and formatting.
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Aug 10, 2015
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Have a careful look at Scrivener. It's an old workhorse for professional writers creating complex manuscripts--including screenplays. Generally the writer uses Scrivener to create a document with character notes, plot, scenes, dialog, etc., and when finished the document is "compiled" by Scrivener. After that it is ready to be imported into Final Draft (Final Draft 8 format).

Scrivener isn't free but it's not that expensive given all it does (about $50). It's available for Windows 10 and MacOS, and both versions look and function identically.

Don't mean to shower blessings upon it--it's not perfect, and I don't work for the company.


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May 16, 2017
Toronto, Canada
There is the freebie (GNU) 'Writer' by Hendrik Noeller. I believe it used to be in the App Store, but now it can be found on GitHub. Info on it and a link to the download can be found there - and a quickie Google can find it.
It's basic, but it is built specifically as screenwriting / script software. And you can Export to FDX (Final Draft) PDF, HTML or Outline.

Meanwhile, looking for the reference to 'Writer', I found another freebie called 'Beat' - currently in Beta and - according to its website - based on 'Writer'.
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