Screwdriver for MBA A1370


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Sep 24, 2012
I want to open the case of my macbok air 11 inch A1370. I saw that ifixit has a pentalobe screwdriver for this. This one

But I read some posts on this forum that it's not fit.

The question is: Do I need a 1.2mm pentalobe or 1.5mm pentalobe screwdriver for opening my macbook air ?


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Apr 29, 2011
Suggest you get the full set of screwdrivers from ifixit. It's worth it.
Even if you can open the MBA with this particular bit, you will need other sizes to mess about with the innards.

Best screwdriver purchase I ever made was to get the complete set of stuff. Lots of uses - even has a crowbar attachment for extra leverage.


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Sep 8, 2011
New England
I bought this:

It's a dual pentalobe screw driver, so it has the correct size for both the Macbooks and the iPhones.

I have yet to use the iPhone side of it, though I'm glad I have it just in case.

It's worth noting that what you pay is what you get. The quality of this tool is about as good as you would expect for $7. The metal is softish, and after opening my MBA 2 times, some of the edges of the tool are starting to wear away. I figure, it has probably 5 open/close uses in it at most.