screwed up wife's iphone...erased all her!

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  1. subaruist macrumors newbie

    Feb 13, 2013
    Need some guru help here. Here are the facts:

    - Wife suddenly lost all her contact. iphone4s, latest version prior to 6.0, was prompt if wanted to update to 6.1, she declined then all contact lost.

    - i updated her phone to 6.1 hoping it would magically restore the contacts. no such luck. plugged phone in to PC, open itunes, and didn't see any way to restore contact.

    - saw a backup file dated sept 2012 and figured it's close enough where she'll have most, if not all her contact. restored her phone to that backup and ****...ALL her photos and music are gone and of course the contact is still empty

    We are on the same family plan and been just using my apple id ever since her first iphone, the 3G. Until this day, she still using my apple id...does she need her own? this may be a separate question all together but for now, i need some help to restore her phone back to the way it was an hour ago...HELP!
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    Apr 16, 2008
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    Same family plan or same apple id have nothing to do with it.
    You need to do more frequent backups just incase things like that ever happen again.
    Try restoring again and then restore from backup. the backup file should have all her contact there unless that backup is from before she entered all her contacts on the phone.
    The only way you can restore it to how it was an hour ago was if you backed it up an hour and one minute ago.
    Try doing backups more often than every 5-6 months and you will be safer incase crashes like that happen.

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