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    First, sorry for my bad english.
    I don`t know nothing about script and programming, but I have solved a problem that I had.
    I need a folder in a external hdd, this folder is part of my dropbox account. My problem is that when the drive is disconnected, dropbox think I deleted the folder and delete it from the cloud and other users of my company.
    I made a Script (with google help of course):

    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]on idle
      set a to "/Volumes/my folder"
      set b to POSIX file a
      tell application "Finder"
      if not (exists b) then
      tell application "Dropbox"
      end tell
      end if
      end tell
      return 3
    end idle[/COLOR]
    And work perfect for me.
    Here the question:
    - Can I run this script but in background? (It's a bit annoying to have the application open all the time).
    - Any better way to do this ?

    THANKS A LOT to all !
  2. numero macrumors regular

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    See this thread which includes topics on being notified when an app quits (not relevant to you) and how to hide the script from the dock.

    Then see LSUIElement (requires free Mac Dev. account) for details on using LSUIElement. The link in that MacRumors thread points to iOS documentation, not Mac desktop use.
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