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Scripting in IOS with Shortcut app, anyone good at this?


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Nov 15, 2015
Hi guys!

I just discovered the scripting feature, and i am curious what i can do.

I have this webasto diesel heater for the car, and i managed to fina a unit that can control it from SMS text message.

Now i want to try to script this, and i managed to get it to start by simply saying "siri, please start heater in car".

But i want to expand this:

- "Siri, please start heater in car tomorrow 08:00"

And also i want to be able to ask - "Siri, what temperature is in the car?"
(this can be found out by sending SMS to the car, and it will reply temperature)

However, i dont know how to interface the SMS message to SIRI, so that if the car reply for example.
- "Heater is active". I want siri to read this out loud. Not just get a text message.

Is it possible to get SIRI or this SCRIPT to read text message from one special phone number, but not the others?
Or to get SIRI to wait for the reply for a sent SMS and then read the reply in the same command? (about 5-10sec lag between sending and getting answer)

The GSM unit is very simple, and has just letters and numbers as commands. It has no logic other then turning a relay on/off for certain amount of time.

I would be very happy if it was possible to control this featur in a more usable way then just on / off and no reply.

Anyone got ideas how to get around this?



Mr. Awesome

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Feb 24, 2016
Idaho, USA
I don’t know of a way to read text messages in a Shortcut, only to send them.

You could just ask Siri to read your text message, however.
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