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    I have a 32gb class 10 sd card. The disk shows up un disk utility and is recognized in terminal but I can't do anything with it in Disk Utility and whenever I give it a terminal command it says I don't have permission. The command I tried was diskutil eraseVolume HFS+ newdisk /dev/disk1 and it comes up with the following:

    Started erase on disk1
    Unmounting disk
    Error: -69877: Couldn't open device
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    In Disk
    • Select the card.
    • At the bottom of the window, it should show Write Status: followed by some words.
    • If it says Read Only after Write Status, then the write-protect switch is active (or whatever you're using to read the card is mistakenly asserting write-protect).
    If you don't see Write Status at all, you've probably selected the volume on the card. Try again with the enclosing item.

    There's nothing you can do with Terminal that can't be done more simply and more safely with Disk And if the card isn't writable, there's nothing you can do about it in Terminal.

    If you want something safe and useful for Terminal, copy and paste this into a Terminal window:
    ls -l /dev/*disk*
    Then copy and paste the output into a post.

    The permissions will show whether the disk device is writable or not. You can't change them, but at least it should reflect what Write Status in Disk is showing.

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