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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by acearchie, Jul 14, 2011.

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    I realise that this might be more specific to my Macbook Pro but I figured that people in the digital photog. forums use SD cards more than the average user.

    Up to last night my SD card slot was working fine yet after just taking some photo's I slotted in my 32gb Class 6 SD card and got nothing.

    I then copied all the files across using the cable from the camera and reformatted the card in the camera as it is not even coming up in disk utility.

    I have tried blowing into the slot to dislodged any dust/dirt but now I am clueless about what to do as the card obviously works (in camera and on computer via cable from camera) so it seems to be the SD card slot.

    Any suggestions?

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    Just to make sure it is the slot and not the card you can try a different card in the same slot. Testing with just one card doesn't prove anything.
  3. TheReef, Jul 14, 2011
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    The SD card slot on my MBP is temperamental as well, so much that I usually just carry around a small external reader that works every time.
    I also find it's dependant on card, some work first time, others rarely, I'd say this has to do with minute size differences between cards causing the contacts to not connect, and wear over time.

    Sometimes applying pressure by pulling the card upwards and downwards works.
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    Jan 15, 2006
    Sorry, forgot to mention that I tried another 4gb class 6 card from a different manufacturer and still nothing!

    Funnily enough after I posted this thread yesterday it worked perfectly and now it's gone again. Is this the sort of thing that I could maybe get checked out by Apple?

    Is this a general problem with the internal SD card readers of computers or is it just a problem with the macbook pros?
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    Sep 30, 2007
    NSW, Australia.
    I think it's just crappy part choice on Apple's behalf (mine seemed flawed right from the beginning).
    It's not a terribly quick reader either, my external imports a lot faster.

    Yep, take it in if it matters... otherwise buy a fast external reader.
    I'm saving mine until Applecare nearly runs out... then they might just replace it with a new Mac (ok, that's just wishful thinking :rolleyes:)
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    I've used external CF/SD card readers for years on Mac OS and they never work 100% reliably (regardless of the brand of reader or card). I'd say on average about 1 out of 10 attempts to mount a card will fail. To recover you either have to remove and re-insert the card, or disconnect and reconnect the reader. This has been consistent behavior for years with different card readers, different types and brands of disks, and different operating system versions on different Macs. Frankly, I think the problem is in Apple's software (drivers). Fortunately, once the card mounts things tend to work pretty well (i.e. no read/write errors or spontaneous dismounts).

    Given the above and in the case of a built-in card reader, I suspect that you might have to reboot the system to get the reader to work again. But, since I've never owned a Mac with an internal card reader I can't really say whether that would help in your situation.
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    External Card Reader Problem = Cord!

    My issue pertains to my external SD card not mounting, although it is a totally different problem than OP's concern. I thought I would post this here, in case someone has a similar problem and searches for this topic.

    I had problems with my card reader at a fairly crucial time yesterday. (Thanks, again, jabbott, for allowing my entry in the Long Exposure contest after the deadline!)

    I have intermittent issues with my Targus external card reader mounting, which has been resolved in the past by wiggling the cable around. (It has also "disconnected" by itself.) This time it would not mount regardless of what I tried. Then I had a brainstorm: My reader has a detachable cord. I found a replacement USB cord, and it mounted quickly. I think there may be a loose wire in the old cord. :(

    I still like the Targus card reader, even if I don't like this cable (which, I admit, I have abused!)
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    Dec 30, 2013
    Easy Fix

    Open "Finder". Insert the SD card then gently push down on the card. The card should mount. It worked for me :)

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