SDk app creating; how many iPhone's can test app before being on app store

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by Merkyworks, Mar 7, 2011.

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    I am wanting to start developing an app for iOS, I am going to download the free SDK development platform and get started. I understand that this will allow me to run the program in a virtual environment but if i want to actually run the app on a iPhone i have to purchase the $99 version.

    so my question is once i purchase the $99 version how many iPhone's can i test the app on? will it only allow me to test it on 1 device or can i get my friends to also test it?
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    You get 100 slots to register iPhones in per year. So, you could get 99 of your friends to test your app, because presumably your iPhone will be one of the 100.
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    You can enable up to 100 devices a year. (They expire unless you re-up with Apple.)

    That's how some people make quick money, btw... when a new test version comes out, they sell their test places for like $10 each.

    Once you join the developer program, you'll find instructions. Unlike with all other phone OSes, it's not a simple thing to do with iOS. Search Google for "iphone sdk test devices" or similar. For example:

    Testing Apps - how to

    One of the negatives for hobbyists is that even if you create an app just for yourself, you still have to pay Apple $100 a year to keep its dev profile going. So for WinMo, RIM, Android, etc... you can cheaply make apps for yourself and friends that last forever. But not with iOS.

    This is partly why there's so much junk in the Apple App Store. In order that their hobby apps don't expire after a year, hobbyists often put up an app that is really just for their friends and family.
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    Usually I disable my personal hobby apps from sale (uncheck all countries) after I get them approved and download them and get my friends to download them via redemption codes. But I left one in the store for awhile as a paid app, accurately described it as fairly useless, ugly icon, got a few 1-star reviews, and it still sold over 100 copies.

    Whoever described the "long tail" wasn't kidding!
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    That's hilarious. :D

    No wonder devs are flocking to the App Store first above all others.

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