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    It will be in the format of SE vs 6S vs 6S+
    Prices in AUD...

    Screen sizes [inch]:
    4 vs 4.7 vs 5.5

    Screen Resolution:
    1136x640 vs 1334x750 x 1920x1080

    Battery Capacity (mAH):
    1600 vs 1715 vs 2715

    Price [assuming 64GB is the minimal nowadays]:
    829 vs 1229 vs 1379

    I own the 6S Plus now and imo best smartphone camera for the money itself over my Samsung S6 previously. Optical Stabilization only included in this model... which SE and 6S lacks.

    I feel the 6s PLUS is on a world of it's own because the SE and 6S have same similarities [both have no OIS] as a general statement. and near similar resolutions and battery capacity

    So this thread will mainly focus between the 6s and the SE...

    From what I see, squeezing most of 6S internal components into it.
    The only thing I could possibly see downside of owning a SE over the 6S:
    1. no 3d touch [But PERSONALLY, I still think need 6-12 more month to refine 3D touch as I still find it quite limited but I do use the precise trackpad and safari/whatsapp/LINE peek/pop only]...
    2. The battery is smaller, but by how much? we're looking at a 115mAH difference [1600 vs 1715]
    3. f/2.4 aperture vs iPhone 6s f/2.2 aperture... It could be substantial to some extent but by how much i dont know

    My question is would Apple potentially have killed or decreased their 6S sales just by releasing the SE version at an extremely lower price point with the 6S internals minus a few things...?
    Because if I was to decide both between the SE and the 6S as a new buyer not knowing anything only having these "two" choices. I can't see 400AUD difference being justified and viable just for (1) 4.7" slightly larger screen and (2) 3D touch and (3) 115mAH more than the SE... Even to me the screen size may be awkward for me to use coming as a phablet user, I can see that phone being more valued for price over the 6S basically.

    I've played with the 6S myself during launch day for less than 2 week and tbh I feel it couldn't last longer than 4-5 hours of extremely heavy use... which was disappointing which prompted me to exchange to the larger model. Yes it costed 150AUD more, but to be honest not carrying a power bank... was a godsent at least [or a charging cable]. Plus I was a diehard photographer so I really treasure everything I can get in a mobile device...

    ALSO... I feel looking at screen resolution and the battery capacities... Given both have A9 chip which is essentially efficient. I feel the SE will outlast the 6S under same test/usage conditions.

    Add the fact during my time of using the 6S with a decent case for drop protection [ultra hybrid]. could not 1hand it at all [which prompted me also to use 6S+ just because they both the 6S and the 6s+ are impossible to 1 hand] but the 5S i was able to 1 hand it all the way... if some people still live in that era [fine by me... it's a personal choice, not stopping anyone]

    I would greatly love to hear what other people think about this. I will take all forms of criticism be it positive or negative. I did state above I do own a 6S Plus, but to be honest we are weighing the difference now between a SE and a 6S 4.7" flagship... with almost similar internals and a few differences.
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    Apr 8, 2013
    Well I would still buy the 6S if I only had the choice between the 6S and the 5SE because the 6S has a bigger display. I couldn't use a 4 inch phone as my daily driver. I've been using phones with 5 inch plus displays since 2012 so I couldn't manage a 4 inch phone now. Anyhow luckily for me Apple make a 5.5 inch phone.
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    Nov 25, 2015
  4. xsimplyjosh, Mar 23, 2016
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    Oct 21, 2015
    I wouldn't mind trying the 5se for a spin for week tbh wanted to see how it performs really in usual usage... for social media [insta/snapchat/whatsapp/LINE/facebook/facebook messenger only as these are the apps i use heavily most of the time] as the last time I use a 4 inch phone/3.5 inch was since 2011!

    most people would say "once u go big u cant go small... yes i agree with that but seeing how it performs is what would interest me the most. Some of my friend say updating their iPhone 5s to 9.2 proved to be laggy and stuttery... [and 9.3 is one of the significant update recently which I really like the most for nightshift].

    I guess it's hard to categorize the two phones... it depends on whether u/we/i have the flexibility to carry a charger/cable or powerbank/cable... or not. and what we really want to do as everyone is different and must suit their needs.

    I guess the way I see it is that the SE is now more valuable for what it is really when considering battery + the actual internal components [minus screen n 3d touch tech]... to clear things up in case people seem confused how I was looking at this matter.

    Like for me i hate to carry powerbank so the smaller phone out of equation for me. but now that i see the SE priecd even lower than what the 5S was marketed at that time [mind u... 6s base model now 1079 in 2015 vs 869aud back in 2013] there is a significant jump. it's somehow valuable for me.

    Still would see SE/6S a pain for gaming imo, but that's just a small part of the story. That one I feel the plus is the ultimate choice for actual mobile interaction and entertainment.
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    Agreed and when I saw it 829 aud vs 1229aud [6S 4.7"... and outline above in my mini analysis] if I was to make a choice between the two, the 6S wouldn't offer much more over the SE for over 400$

    What would be an obvious differentiator for the price gap I would see now is the SE vs the 6S+ at least... a huge battery jump. a huge screen res jump. added OIS for camera and user stability when photo/videoing. a huge screen Size jump. as some of the very obvious differences [duh]... then yes the price gap would seem reasonable and a well justified one.

    even for me i feel the SE is more affordable at least considering i use a 6s plus [phablet]... and its the first time i ever would say such a thing.

    I think the main keyword is *Value for Money* because for an apple product at that pricing i am quite surprised and astounded because that is good value who want iOS stability but dont want larger or wants to be budget-conscious...
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    Apr 8, 2013
    I guess it would depend on what games you're playing. I play stuff like angry birds and Mr crab which don't need a larger display. They play just fine on a smaller display. Even some of the retro games I like to play like streets of rage, sonic and street fighter look better graphically in a smaller display. However I suppose if you are playing things like GTA or Asphalt 8 a larger display is better.
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    Oct 21, 2015
    I used to play clash of clans [a highly grossing app on apple app store]... and on my friends 4 inch its a nightmare, but its okok on a 6s but wonderful on a 6s plus... and any game similar like that.

    Now I play clash royale [another game in successor over clash of clans] which doesnt require too much multi interaction its more of a single tap interaction sort of thing... I feel this game can work on any device as it has a very easy interface.

    But yes, I guess can be summed up in general:

    any 1st party action game [shooting like counterstrike as a prime example] will require a bigger screen [or multi-touch interaction to be specific... for better control]
    For games like sudoku crossword candy crush bejeweled as some fine examples. I guess the smaller screen is also doable. for Single tap input only per command*
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    Jan 7, 2016
    I use 4.7 inch 6S, and I can't imagine to go back to 4 inch SE. I am not pursuing bigger and bigger but no intention turning back to smaller. I feel 4.7 is just the right size for me.
    Agree. But I think it's just good choice for iPhone newbies, esp. for those who have been fed up with Android phones.
  8. ABC5S, Mar 23, 2016
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    Sep 10, 2013
    Correction OP. iPhone SE has the f2.2 lens front camera (Main) and f2.4 lens rear camera (Selfie).

    And (iPhone 6s) its $649.99 without taxes for the 64 GB version with the New Verizon Plan ($100.00 Off upgrade on monthly plan). Just got the 6s yesterday with new plan. Deals are now coming out.
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    Jun 12, 2012
    Front means selfie and back means main, but you are right about the 2.4 on the selfie and 2.2 on the back.
  10. ABC5S Suspended


    Sep 10, 2013
    I get that mixed up. My thinking, front is the front on my camera looking out, and back is the back of the camera, looking at me. I'll never get that straight :confused:

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