Sea water damage + Apple diagnostic. Just get a new phone?

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    Hi all,

    So my iphone 6 went for a swim in sea water. It went off, and I was able to turn it on briefly, then off again. I managed to get it on rice after about an hour. About 16 hrs later, I took it to the mall, they opened it, and discovered that there's still some water left. The guy dried it, but no luck, it wouldn't turn on.

    I next took it to apple, where the tech connected what looked like a USB device, and he said that the phone wasn't receiving any power.

    It's now been ~24hrs since it was submerged, and I've put it back in with the rice. Is it worth trying to dry it out some more, or should I just count it as a loss and pay for a replacement phone?
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    I would leave it in rice for a good few days just in case but that may not guarantee recovery as damage would already have been done the minute it hit the water.

    On the off chance the above works then great! I would personally stump up for a replacement as it will never work 100% even if it's "repaired " in some way.
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    I doubt it will ever function right.
    Even if it powers on again you will have lots of issues with many components not working until eventually the corrosion will short everything.
    Pay for a replacement phone and next time don't take it for a swim.

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