Seagate Backup Plus for Mac question-Thunderbolt

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by brn2rnjk1, Jan 5, 2013.

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    The machine comes with usb3 port and says you can use thunderbolt with an adapter. However, I can't find an adapter anywhere for the usb port. If I use USB, I don't think I can make it a clone backup?? So I am confused what to do?

    Can USB3 be cloned bootable?

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    There are separate Thunderbolt bases for the Backup Plus; you replace the provide USB3 base with the Thunderbolt base. Look for Seagate STAE129 Desktop Thunderbolt Adapter for Backup Plus.

    There is no adapter available that converts USB to Thunderbolt, or vice-versa. At least, not at this time.
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    If your Mac has USB3 then it also has a thunderbolt port so you do not need an adaptor for the Mac.

    What says you can use Thunderbolt with an adaptor? The Seagate Backup Plus drive?
    If you are talking about using the Seagate drive with Thunderbolt instead of USB 3 then you buy an adaptor for the drive itself.

    If you look at the end of the drive where your USB 3 cable connects to the drive you should notice that the end portion of the drive can be removed.
    This allows you to change that specific drive to use what ever interface you want to use, from USB 2, USB3, FireWire and Thunderbolt.

    From the Seagate Backup Plus website you can click on the Accessories tab and it lists all of the available adaptors for your drive.

    Unless you just want to spend more money just to spend it, I personally do not see ANY reason to go with Thunderbolt over USB3 on a portable non-SSD hard drive. The drive is not going to transfer more than 120MB/s regardless of the interface.
    USB3 can handle "640 MB/s" and Thunderbolt can handle 1280 MB/s but changing from USB 3 to Thunderbolt is not going to make the hard drive itself perform at a faster speed just because the technology allows for faster speeds.
    The hard drive is the limiting factor.

    This may not be your case and you may completely understand both interfaces but I have lots of friends that hear USB3 is slower than Thunderbolt so they want to buy everything Thunderbolt even though in a majority of their cases it makes no difference at all also the lower end adaptors and hard drives remove the ability to daisy chain Thunderbolt devices which is another major Thunderbolt selling point.
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    One final questions and thanks this has been very helpful.

    Can you boot from a usb 3 port. My new iMac has the port and so does the seagate. I looked on line and there are people saying they can bootup from USB 3 but I thought needed faster.

    Thanks again.
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    Yes, you can boot from USB 3.0, it is nearly as fast as internal SATA connections. I've booted from USB 2.0, and it just takes a little bit longer to boot up and load things

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