Seagate External Drive - grayed out

Discussion in 'iMac' started by soobbbbb, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. soobbbbb macrumors newbie


    Mar 31, 2018
    Hello, I don't know can I ask this question here or not, but I don't know where can I ask it...
    I've been using Seagate 2tb hard drive and iMac.

    but for 3 days, when I try to connect it with my hard drive, it doesn't appear in the finder.
    and also when I turned on the disk utility, it greyed out.
    I can't even do "first aid" or "Restore" cause there is keep appearing error.
    I didn't try to use Erase cause on the hard drive, there are many files what I haven't back up. I'm afraid that I'll lose the files.. I haven't backed up any files and it happened.

    I searched for it a lot but I can't find the right result...
    and I don't know why my hard drive is full now @.@
    Is this a big problem? Can't I save my files on it?
    I attached file for the problem. Plz help me T_T THank you.

    Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 7.07.16 PM.png Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 7.07.27 PM.png Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 8.32.23 PM.png
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    Oct 19, 2007
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    You got the diagnosis. You could spend $100 on DiskWarrior but I think it is better to put that money to a new hard drive. Your predicament is why many of us use two backups
  3. BrianBaughn macrumors 603


    Feb 13, 2011
    Baltimore, Maryland
    I suppose there's a slim chance that the problem lies in the housing and its electronics. You could always try taking it out and connecting it to the Mac a different way.
  4. gian8989 macrumors 6502

    Oct 23, 2015
    Download DriveDX. It has a free trial.
    Btw did you try on windows or on a different computer?
  5. colinsky macrumors member


    Apr 3, 2009
  6. soobbbbb thread starter macrumors newbie


    Mar 31, 2018
    Thank you so much! yeah, I've used different cable and computers but it still haven't worked. I went to data recovery store today. They said they don't know they can save my data or not... and if they can, I need to pay for $270 T_T Anyways thank you for you guys comments!
  7. gian8989 macrumors 6502

    Oct 23, 2015

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