Seal threatens commentators over the Fuji X100

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by CrackedButter, May 28, 2011.

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    NOTE: This should be retitled to: How to Show An Irrational Bias.

    There is a review on Steve Huff's website written by a guest writer regarding the X100.

    It's a terribly written review with no standards of journalism applied to it, it's an abject lesson in showing one's bias. Something which Steve Huff even distances himself from by saying so in one of the reviews many disclaimers and warnings.

    Said review:

    However, the icing on the cake are the comments. Of course a lot of them are incendiary/critical towards the reviewer, but Seal, Leica's Ambassador chips in, gushing over the review, and what ensues is a X1 vs X100 debate.

    The critical turning point is when Seal declares the image quality of the X1 in a league above the X100 while seemingly ignoring all reviews and tests done between the two cameras declaring the X100 the overall better camera.

    Seal emphases his ignorance this by stating that his eyes see better quality images with the X1.

    When commentators ask him how this is possible and why is he ignoring a general consensus that the X100 is the better camera, one commentator calls his view pretentious. Just 'pretentious' mind you, it's not the worse thing to call somebody.

    But instead of replying with a thoughtful critique and bringing people onto his side explaining why the X1 is actually better, Seal threatens a person instead stating he is on dangerous ground and doesn't suffer fools easily and thus sidesteps the whole debate with a straw-man argument because his character has been insulted and he needs to defend that instead.

    Seal posts as user '^6' by the way.

    Something to read on a lazy Saturday at least.
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    Yeah, I enjoy a read of that site once in a while too. I have read elsewhere on it that Seal (~6) has both the X1 and X100 and has praised the X100 in the past. If his preference is for one over the other, its his opinion from empirical experience and I'd say fair enough- at least I definitely wouldn't challenge that on a consensus of reviews!

    (incidentally, both look interesting cameras- although occupying somewhat a 'between' sort of space- not sure if in that position I wouldn't hold out for the M9-P to push the used M9 price down- the cost of a used M8 is now about the X100 mrrp in the UK:))
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    Who cares what Seal has to say? Obviously he's biased whenever a Leica product is involved due to whatever sweetheart deal he has with them. He's also proven that he's not a nice man. I'm not sure what "Leica Ambassador" means, but I know at the minimum at the new product launch event on 09/09/09 he got an S2 outfit for free. That's just what some rich dude needs.... a free expensive camera. I thought he was kind of a douche for accepting it and not donating either the equipment or the retail price to some sort of charity. It's not like he can't afford to buy several of his own.

    I myself am a Leica devotee (7 in current inventory), but not everything they make (or is branded Leica) is a winner and not everything is worth the inflated prices they charge.

    If I had a gun to my head and I had to choose between the X1 and the X100, I'd choose the Fuji. Viewfinder, 1 stop faster lens, better ergonomics. and several hundred dollars cheaper. If no gun, then I'd buy neither.

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