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    Hello everybody,

    I have a short question: Is it somehow possible to search in a Pages document for fonts? Let's say: Show me where I used Helveticia! Does anybody knows a trick for this? I have a VERY long document and having converted it to PDF, the Acrobat Reader info shows me two embedded fonts I got rid of and I don't find them with my eyes. I want to be sure that I formatted everything right - could be, of course, that they are only still existing as a blank space or something like this, but mabye also some letters aren't correct as I had to experiment with a lot of fonts in this document. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks a million in advance!!!
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    Jul 17, 2008
    Here's one way ... it's a little complicated, but not too terribly awkward.

    Go to the original Pages file and export it as RTF.

    Find a text editor that does NOT read RTF codes. TextEdit is out. The only one I had that could do the trick was Text Wrangler, which you can get here.

    You can use Wrangler's Open command to open the file, or you can drag it onto its icon.

    You should see a lot of curly brackets and backslashes, this is the RTF "code" for font information.

    Close to the top, you should see a line that might look like this:

    The important part of that line is "\f1"

    You can do a search for "\f1" From here, it depends on what you want to do. It could be that \f1 is ganged up with another font so it might look like: \f1\f0. Then you could just delete the \f1, probably.

    It could be that there is a tiny bit of text formatted with Helvetica. It might be easier to find that bit of text in the Pages file, change it to the correct font.

    Once you're done, you should create another RTF file to see if the Helvetica information has been deleted.

    If for some reason it hasn't, you can go back to the original line -- \f1\fswiss\fcharset0 Helvetica; -- and change Helvetica to some gawdawful font that would stand out, making it easier to spot what to correct in Pages.

    And if that still doesn't work, change Helvetica to another, printable default font.

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    Thanks a lot for your instructions, I'll try that out! Really appreciate your help!!

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