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    Dec 18, 2012
    Hi, I have a problem with searching files when saving file.

    I created a new file with the default name ("Untitled-1"). I want to overwrite an existing file in my folder, but there is a lot of files. I do not want to type the entire name - I want to find this file. Unfortunately, pressing the first letter of the file name does not work, so I want to use a search engine:

    Searching in this way does not work well, but the file is in my folder. Options are also selected to 'search for in the current folder' and 'look for the file name':

    If I do the exact same thing in the Finder, then it works:

    I've tested this on two different computers, everything is the same as with me.

    Do you have a similar problem? Or maybe you have some other way to find the file to be overwritten? I would be grateful for any advice and help : )

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    Sounds like that "Format: Images only" tab is restricting it to .img files, whereas the file you're trying to replace is a .jpg. It could also be the restrictions you have tabbed right below the search bar where you've underlined ,,img" in the second picture, making it search for only .img not .jpg files.
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    Dec 18, 2012
    In my previous post 'img' is the name of my folder.

    For the tests I made a new folder 'rtf' and I save two files in it.

    Take a look:


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