"Search iPhone" search box possible on lock screen?


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Mar 25, 2010
Is anyone aware of a jailbreak tweak that will allow you to have the "Search iPhone" search box (the one that appears when you swipe left on the home screen) on the lock screen?

Would be great to search for contacts, apps, etc right from the lock screen instead of unlocking the phone, swiping to the left and then searching. Would be even better if it worked with LockInfo's theme. :D


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May 28, 2012
I just switched over from WebOS... and being used to the "just type" was simple and easy for me..

is there any tweek to to have the iPhone search in the lock screen? so i can just start typing the contact or app i need?


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Apr 11, 2012
Im not sure about a search option but an alternative is CallBar. I have an activator action set up for anywhere. So for me I just invoke CallBar and instantly have quick access to my phone and all my contacts. Plus with CallBar when someone calls you, instead of the call interrupting whatever you may be doing on the phone, instead you just get a banner notification and you can either accept or decline the call or ignore it completely and just continue on doing what it is you are doing. It's one of my favorite tweaks.

Sorry I know this isn't close to what you're looking for but it's an alternative way to quickly access your phone book from the lock screen.

Either way, I'll be following this thread to see if such a search option exists. It's a great idea, especially if integrated into LockInfo (right now you can have your favorites show up as a section in Lockinfo which is sweet).

*Sorry I just re-read your post and I thought you were looking for a contacts specific search option. But you want to search for other things as well. Basically it sounds like you need the Spotlight Search on your lock screen, right? Surely there has to be a tweak for that! I'll look into it and see if such a tweak exists.
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