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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Macusercom, May 19, 2015.

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    I'm considering buying a MacBook Air for studying as it is very lightweight and better to carry than my MacBook Pro 15". I have 2 things I'm worried about:

    - 11" or 13"
    - Refurbished or not refurbished that is the question

    Besides my MBP 15" I have an iPad Air 2 and a Nexus 6 (so basically phablet). Although 11" seems awesome and I see myself carrying it all around, I would never carry it together with my iPad. Why would I? However, 13" and I'm afraid of leaving it at home just like I did back in 2010 with my MBP 13" and my 15" now.

    I'm struggling to find a way between portable and light, but not like I'm carrying an OS X-iPad with keyboard with me.

    Moreover, I'm thinking about my buying a 2014 model as I've never used Thunderbolt and don't care about the GPU improvement. Sometimes I read bad things about refurbished products, but I guess Apple's are fine? I'm thinking that people complain about non online store products from 3rd parties. I would save even more than with EDU prices (only €750 or 840) so it's definitely worth considering for me.

    Last but not least my usage: as I already have an MBP 15" for at least another year, it's definitely my secondary MacBook. I will switch to an iMac in 2016, which is why I now prefer 11", but without a 15" MBP I see myself wanting a 13" next year :p

    I will use my MBA for web browsing, blogging, watching YouTube videos and Office/emails. Final Cut Pro maybe sometimes when I need it, but I know I can forget rendering videos with an MBA (it's not even its purpose). So the main reason is that my iPad is not good enough for office (especially when I need Word).

    Last thing I'm thinking is the lack of the SD card slot on the 11". I will buy a 128GB/4GB RAM model anyway, but I'm not sure if I really need it. For photos I can use my iPad and I will never store them on the MBA. However, for media a small SD card would be perfect for extending the storage.

    I hope someone can give me some advice. There has never been a harder decision for me :(
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    Dec 4, 2013
    The 11" screen is horrible, all you ever do is scroll scroll and scroll some more.. :)

    The lack of SD card reader is also an expensive problem.
    A 64GB SD-card is like $30? and holds about everything you would ever need for school. Buying extra internal storage from Apple is a lot more expensive.

    I use an 13" air for university stuff and the weight is like 1/5? of any random set of books for any class you´ll ever take :)

    I have used an iPad as well but for typing and editing text it´s just horrible.
    For using Facebook in class thou.. :cool:

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